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Finding ielts test practice material is really only the beginning... and the way things are on the Internet nowadays, you can get free Ielts material in just a matter of seconds.

But getting information isn't the hard part, getting Ielts test material that actually empowers you to succeed is an entirely different matter.

You know, someone very wise once said to...

"Get all the facts...

Study them carefully...

Apply your imagination..."

At Ielts test practice dot com we are here to assist you in doing all of the above. First, we'll help you get all the facts concerning the Ielts test.

Now, you could accomplish this by surfing the Internet for hours and hours and by reading all of the sites dedicated to practice for the ielts exam.

Or, you could let someone do the task for you...

But who would you trust with such an important job?

How about an internationally experienced team of qualified English teachers, examiners, and teacher trainers? People who have helped literally hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of students pass English language exams like the IELTS, TOEFL , Michigan, and Cambridge proficiency exams.

Would they qualify?

And what if they have more than three decades (30 years) of classroom experience - all of which were spent helping students pass international English exams like the IELTS test?

Would they qualify?

If you answered yes to the previous questions, then please spend a little time reviewing the material here at ielts test practice dot com.

We promise to make it worthwhile!

After getting all the facts, the wise man said to study them carefully. Again, ielts test practice dot com will assist you. Here, you will find everything needed for ielts test success.



We are dedicated to providing you with...

  1. information, information, information - to get the facts

  2. practice, practice, practice - to study them carefully

  3. advice, tips, knowledge - to apply your imagination

Welcome to what is sure to become THE site for ielts test practice on the NET. Please return often as new material is being added regularly.

We're glad you found us!

At Ielts test practice dot com, you will get the information you need, so you can get the score you deserve!

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