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British Council India

The British Council India is actually a network of many offices throughout the country. They operate as a division of the British High Commission.

The Indian British Council currently has offices in the four major metro areas plus oversee a network of 11 libraries. According to their website, they "promote the diversity and creativity of the British society and culture."

One function of the British Council in India is to administer English exams like the IELTS exam.

As with the British Council offices located throughout the world, they are partially funded by the British government.

To learn more about the British Council India and to register for an IELTS exam near you, click on the preceding link.

To find the British Council offices or library near you, click on the preceding link.

The links below are to the offices of the British Council offices in the major metropolitan areas throughout India. If you are looking for a list of British Council libraries in India, click on the preceding link.

British Council Mumbai

British Council Chennai

British Council New Delhi

British Council Kolkata

Disclaimer - This site is not endorsed by, nor is it associated in any way with, the British Council, or the British Council India. We have included this information as a service to our visitors only. Please check with the British Council in India ( links above ) for more information regarding testing dates and procedures for the IELTS Test in INDIA.