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The British Council

The British Council has been around since 1934. Originally, it was called ‘the British Committee for relations with other countries.’

According to their site, their goals are…“to build mutually beneficial cultural and educational relationships between people in the United Kingdom and in other countries, and increase appreciation of the United Kingdom's creative ideas and achievements.”

In other words, the Council is involved in ‘cultural propaganda’ - so to speak. They are located in more than 100 countries and territories around the world.

The Council maintains libraries throughout the world although some facilities have been closed in recent years due to the rethinking of priorities. I'm sure finances also plays a role.

The Council's primary source of funding is self-generated. Major income sources are through the teaching of the English Language, conducting examinations and other projects that fall under the umbrella of its charter.

Partial funding is provided by the British Government through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

To learn more about the British Council, click on the preceding link and you’ll be taken to their website.

The links included below are to Council sites in the respective countries listed.

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