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The following General Ielts Training information answers many of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Ielts General Training module.

The question and answer format is to assist you in getting the information you need more easily.

What is tested in the General Ielts Training Reading?

Usually, you will see questions that refer to main ideas, supporting ideas and the opinion of the writer. There will be specific information questions as well.

How are answers recorded for the General Ielts Training Reading?

All answers need to be marked on the answer sheet provided. Extra time is not allowed at the end to transfer answers to the answer sheet so it is best to answer directly to your answer sheet.

How many items are tested in the Ielts General Training Reading?

There are 11 basic items with some possible variations. You will definitely see a variety of items and question types. Become familiar with the various items by receiving adequate test practice and thus avoiding negative 'surprises' on the actual Ielts test.

How long is the Ielts General Training Reading?

Section 1 has 14 questions while Sections 2 and 3 have 13 questions each. There is a sixty minute (60) time limit for this section. All questions receive one mark. You should answer all questions. Remember to leave enough time for Section 3, which can be more difficult than Sections 1 and 2.

Does 'a' and 'the' count as words in the NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS test items? Are answers counted wrong if they contain more than three words if the instructions say to answer in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS?

Yes and
YES! - Don't exceed word limits when instructions specifically call for a specific number of words in your answers.

Does proper spelling and grammar count in the General Ielts Training module?

Yes! Poor spelling and grammar are penalised. The good news is that most of the words you need to write on your answer sheet are found right on the test page.

How are band scores calculated for Ielts General Training Reading?

A Band Score conversion table is produced for each version of the General Training Reading Module. The total score out of 40 are then converted into the IELTS 9-band scale. You either receive a whole band or a half band. (6 or 6.5 for example)

How do Ielts General Training Reading scores relate to Ielts band scores?

Overall scores are averaged from the band scores of the four modules. Your final score is either a whole or half band as reported by Ielts. For further information about general Ielts training click on the preceding link.

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