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Ielts Academic Reading Module

The IELTS Academic Reading consists of 3 reading passages and 40 questions total. Each item receives one mark. 

The number of items per passage may vary but the the total number of questions will remain 40. 

How Long is the Ielts Academic Reading Module? 

60 minutes

No extra time is given to transfer your answers to the answer sheet so you should record your answers on the answer sheet as you go!

What are the Academic Reading texts like?

Passages are taken from original sources like magazines, books, newspapers and even medical journals. You can expect to see material similar to what you would see in any university course. There can also be non-verbal material such as diagrams and graphs.

Expect a variety of styles and issues that are of interest to the world we currently live in. One passage usually contains very detailed information about a particular subject while other passages may be more general.


How long are the Ielts Academic Reading texts?

The total word count for the three passages will not exceed 3000 words. Normally, the total is about 2,500 words.

What are the questions like?

The basic question types follow. You will see a combination of these types of questions...

To learn more about the various question types and to see examples for each one, click on the corresponding links above.

Instructions and tips on how to best prepare for and - improve scores for - each question type are included.

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