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IELTS Listening Preparation

Proper IELTS listening preparation means being aware of the following information. After all, many students find the IELTS Listening Test quite difficult.

With the right amount of practice and a good amount of useful instruction, you will be able to make the IELTS Listening Test one of your exam strengths... not weaknesses.

To begin your IELTS listening preparation let's start with the basics.

First, the test itself. You will hear a recorded cassette once only. There are four sections presented in order of increasing difficulty.

There are 40 questions of various types and 10 questions per section.

Section one is in the form of a dialogue, (two or mor people speaking) while section two is usually a monologue. (one person speaking) Sections three and four are focussed on education and/or training. There is a lecture and a discussion with a small group of people in an educational setting.

Write your answers in the question booklet as you listen. You are given ten minutes to check and copy your answers onto the answer sheet at the end.

There is 60 seconds between questions which you need to use wisely. We strongly suggest our students use all 60 seconds to read the next section.

Don't waste time checking your answers during the test. There is time for that at the end. It's important to read ahead as much as you can. This will allow you to listen for specific information to answer the questions - instead of trying to read and listen at the same time.

Re-read the previous paragraph because that one bit of advice is worth a few extra points on your listening test!

One area where students fail in their IELTS listening preparation is in the 'art' of note taking. Often, they record the wrong information or don't record any information at all. This skill needs to be developed if you intend to do well on the IELTS Listening Test.

For more ielts listening preparation click on the preceding link. You will go to a page which contains valuable information on note taking for your IELTS listening preparation.