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Ielts Reading Preparation - Sentence Completion


The Ielts Reading preparation sentence completion questions below are to help you in your Ielts preparation.

What are you required to do?
You will be given a number of options and you must match the options provided to extracts, paragraphs or sections from the reading passage. The extracts, sections or paragraphs are identified by a letter. Sometimes an option may be used more than once - so read the directions carefully.

What skill is being tested?
Your ability to skim and scan for specific information. You will not need to read in detail every section of the reading test. You will need to learn how to skim and scan effectively in order to locate specific information.

  • Example 1 – Matching options with extracts.

Many times you will see a group of advertisements from which you will need to match information from the advertisement to what is stated in the question as is shown below. Supplement your Ielts reading preparation by looking at advertisements in a newspapers or magazines. Train yourself to recognize information quickly. Add finding information practice to your Ielts reading preparation.

A - Language International

Technology Institute

“where technology meets morphology”


Greek and German

Summer Courses - 2007


Also on offer:

Vietnamese Korean English

Indonesian Spanish Italian

German Russian Greek


For further details contact:

Admissions Office

10 Holt Street,

Perth, 23140


Tel: 423 5464

Fax: 423 2313


B - Language Land

Learning Centres


NOW IN Christchurch!


The best is getting bigger!










Phone for Appointment

456 832

Write the correct letter A -B in boxes 1-4

B 1 offers intensive courses
A 2 is located In Perth
B 3 offers a refund
B 4 teaches business English

*** NOTE*** - These matching questions require some inference on your part. In number 3 above, a refund must be understood from the guaranteed results statement. Although not specifically stated, the guarantee could refer to something other than a refund.

  • Example 2 – matching options to paragraphs or text sections 

To improve you Ielts reading preparation, let's say your reading text has four paragraphs, A-D. You will need to know where specific information is located and match paragraph letters to the correct numbers as shown below.

A The ability to view what is typed as it is typed is taken for granted today. In all early keyboard typewriters, however, the type bars struck upwards against the bottom of the platen. Thus, what was typed was not visible until the typing of subsequent lines caused it to scroll into view. The difficulty with any other arrangement was ensuring that the type bars fell back into place reliably when the key was released. This was eventually achieved with ingenious mechanical designs, and so-called "visible typewriters" were introduced in 1895.
B Most models of mechanical typewriters incorporate a bell, which warns the typist that they are approaching the edge of the right margin and should start a new line after completing the word being typed. The large lever shown on the left of this image was used to perform a carriage return, enabling the typist to begin a new line of text.
C In the original design style, now known as a "mechanical" or "manual" typewriter, each key was attached to a type bar that had the corresponding letter moulded into its other end. When a key was struck briskly and firmly, the type bar hit a ribbon (usually made of inked fabric) stretched in front of a cylindrical platen that moved back and forth. The paper was rolled around by the typewriter's platen which was then rotated by a lever (the "carriage return" lever at the far left) to each new line of text.
D The final major development of the typewriter was the "electronic" typewriter. Most of these replaced the type ball with a daisy wheel mechanism (a disk with the letters moulded on the outside edge of the "petals"). A plastic daisy-wheel was much simpler and cheaper than the type ball but wore out more easily.

Which paragraph mentions the following?

Write the correct letter A-D in boxes 5 - 9 on your answer sheet.

B 5 indicates that bells were used
D 6 speaks of a last major development
A 7 explains when visible typewriters were introduced
D 8 a traditional element being changed
C 9 explains the ribbon and its use

The above represent the basic sentence completion questions you'll see in the Ielts. You may see both, one or neither depending on the reading module you are given.

Remember, you can do a lot to improve your Ielts reading preparation by simply looking at advertisements and skimming for vital information. This is definitely a skill that can be learned and improved - meaning you'll get a higher Ielts score!

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