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The Ielts reading questions (multiple choice) are what you might call - the "classic" question type. That is to say, you've certainly seen this type of question many, many times before.

After all, what better way is there to discover what someone knows, than by asking them a question? And what if the question relates to a limited amount of information? You'd certainly be able to assess what someone knows or doesn't know, wouldn't you?

Like most English exams, the Ielts reading module also contains direct, multiple choice questions.

What are you required to do on the test?
You must choose the best answer from four alternatives A, B, C or D, and to write your choice on the Answer Sheet.

What are the multiple choice questions like?
You may have a few different options to complete sentences. For instance, you may be given the first part of the sentence with answer choices that offer the best way of finishing it.
 Or, you may have a direct question to which one of the answer choices is the appropriate answer.

Are there any variations of this type of question?
Sometimes, more than four alternative answers are provided and you have to pick more than one correct answer. You may also be asked to choose the most suitable title or heading for your Ielts reading passage.

What orderare the questions in?
The questions come in the same order as the information found in the passage. The texts are varied and appropriate for accurate English assessment.

What skills are needed?
You may see questions that ask you to have a detailed understanding of specific points; or you may need to show a general or 'overall' understanding as well.

How should you prepare for the multiple choice Ielts reading questions?

Remember, that multiple choice questions are not simply a matter of recognizing true statements. You need to know that such questions may require fine distinctions between correct and nearly-correct statements.

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