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Ielts Sample Essay

Which Ielts sample essay shows everything you need to know about writing for the Ielts exam? After all, there are plenty of Ielts essay samples on the internet. The examples and information found on this page and others in this site represent everything you'll need to know about the Ielts writing module for both the Ielts Academic and General training test.  

In answer to the above question, no Ielts sample essay shows all there is to know about writing for the ielts. Point in fact, you will need to see more than one Ielts sample essay to learn what you need to know about the Ielts academic writing module.


Simply because one Ielts essay sample doesn't cover both sections of the writing module. The academic writing module has two parts or sections.

What is the purpose of the Ielts Academic Writing Module?

  • Test your ability to correctly use facts and figures from other sources. This is also known as information interpretation. 
  • Test your ability to express your opinions, thoughts, and views where facts and figures are not given. 

The Academic Writing Module lasts 60 minutes and includes the following tasks:

Task One

In Task One you should write approximately 150 words in about 20 minutes. Remember, it is your job to manage the timing of this section of the test. No one will stop you after twenty minutes and tell you to go on to the next writing task! This will leave you about forty minutes for the second writing task which most students find adequate. Budget your time wisely and learn to write accordingly so as to finish both tasks in the one hour time limit.
  •   Remember, you have one hour to complete both tasks! 

In Task One there is usually a visual representation of some kind. (see samples at bottom of this page) This could be in one of the following formats:

  • Table
  • Graph
  • Pie chart
  • Diagram
  • Illustration 

You typically need to write a report or summary to your teacher or a university lecturer using the information given in the visual representation. In some instances, you are asked to describe a process.

Below is an Ielts sample essay topic from a typical Task One assignment. Notice what you need to write. Remember, you must interpret information that is related to the visual representation.

How is the Ielts Academic Writing Module Task One graded?

The four criteria below are used to determine Task One scores

  • Did you achieve the task? (i.e. answer the question) 
  • Is your writing coherent and cohesive? 
  • Was appropriate vocabulary used? 
  • Was appropriate grammar used? 

Ielts Sample Essay

Task 1 Information Interpretation (about 150 words)


The above indicates average student costs during the school year. Interpret the data explaining any abnormalities with possible reasons. 

The above represents a typical Ielts Academic Writing Module Task One question with a graph.

Ielts Sample Essay Answer (Task One)

The above graph shows average costs for university students over a four year period. The items measured are food, housing, and books. Beginning with books, it can be seen that the expenses for each of the four years are nearly the same. This can be explained in that a student usually takes a similar number of classes each semester and the book expense would remain nearly steady. Food, also, is nearly equal with a slight increase in the second year and then a decline in years three and four. Perhaps this reflects students who move off campus in their second year and spend more on food than they did while living on campus. Housing costs show a large increase in the third year with a return to slightly lower than first and second year totals for the fourth year. An explanation could be that there was a large increase in the number of students attending the university, thereby causing a temporary price rise in the market for housing.

Words = 168 words

Time = 15 minutes

This is very acceptable. In fact, it's quite good. It also allows 45 minutes for the more important Task Two.

To see a Task Two,  simply click on ielts sample essay.

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