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IELTS Speaking Test

The IELTS speaking test is not that difficult once you know what to expect. The other speaking pages found on this site provide plenty of information concerning speaking topics and how to answer them.

This page will deal with the more important aspect of how the Ielts speaking exam is scored.

To find band scores for the ielts test, click on Ielts Test at the left menu bar. Some information regarding the more common band scores for the ielts test are found below.

Ielts Speaking Test - band score 5.0

Some hesitation gets in the way of conversation flow. Responses tend to be short while use of linking words seems forced and unnatural. Simple sentences are fluent, but more complex sentences lack coherence. Repetitive use of words and sentence structures. Pronunciation problems include incorrect word stress.

Ielts Speaking Test - band score 5.5

Mostly short answers without expansion. Some hesitation occurs while linking words are sometimes used incorrectly. Simple but sufficient vocabulary for clarity and variety. Simple sentence structure is mostly accurate, but several errors in more complex sentences causing some confusion. Many mispronounced words and some incorrect word stress.

Ielts Speaking Test - band score 6.0

Greater display of fluency though does not always directly answer the question. Little, but some, repetition. Adequate use of linking words (like, however, on one hand, etc) Wider vocabulary range allows for easy understanding. Few, but some, grammatical errors. Both simple and complex sentence structures in use and on display. Pronunciation is mostly correct with some minor errors.

Ielts Speaking Test - band score 6.5

Fluency displayed without much hesitation or repetition. Sentences can be easily followed. Use of linking words allows smooth transfer from one idea to another. Vocabulary includes simple and sophisticated words on given subject. Strong accent prevents correct pronunciation.

Ielts Speaking Test - band score 7.0

Fluency without much effort. Natural and correct use of linking words. Appropriate but not sophisticated vocabulary and doesn’t show variations. Some idiom use although sometimes used inappropriately. Good grammar with few (rare) mistakes. Decent to good pronunciation, accent doesn’t impede understanding.

For information about the way the IELTS speaking test is scored and the band scores for the IELTS test, click on IELTS speaking test.