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IELTS Speaking Tip

The best IELTS speaking tip I know is to first learn as much about the IELTS speaking test as there is to learn.

First off, know that there are three main parts to the IELTS Speaking Test.

IELTS speaking tip - part one

In the first part, you'll answer general questions about yourself. You'll likely talk about your home or family plus other personal topics. It usually lasts about four to five minutes. This is where you "break the ice" with the examiner and are made to feel comfortable.

IELTS speaking tip - part two

In part two of the test, you'll have to talk for a minute or two about a subject the examiner gives you. For instance, you may have to talk about a person or teacher that has had a powerful impact on your life.

You should include information about where and when you first met them. What subject they taught, or what it was that makes them special to you and why they influenced you so much.

Don't worry. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say and you can make notes before you speak.

IELTS speaking tip - part three

In part three of the speaking test you'll talk about issues or concepts related to the topic in Part Two. So, if you spoke about a teacher in part two, you may talk about education in general - or the changes and challenges of education today to meet the needs of the workplace tomorrow.

In part three remember that you are simply having a conversation and that your opinions are not being scrutinized or graded but your English is.

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