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The following Ielts tips are basically the good advice you would receive from a teacher before taking your examination.

If you are looking for tips that will improve your score by three band scores, this isn't the page for you. In fact, this isn't the site for you as we don't make impossible claims.

If you are looking for Ielts tips that will help you avoid making foolish mistakes then, by all means, read on...

Many times we remember advice better by making a list of Do's and Don'ts. We give you the following in the hopes that you will use it to improve your test scores by eliminating those simple mistakes that can mean the difference between an acceptable Ielts score of say, a 6.5, or an unacceptable ban score of a 5.5.

We don't promise our tips will get you the score you are looking for... but... they will help.

  • And, THAT, is why we are here. 

We recommend printing this page and reviewing it as often as is necessary until these Ielts tips become second nature to you. In so doing, you will improve your Ielts scores.



Watch the Time

Remember you only have 60 min. to answer questions and transfer answers to your Answer Sheet.

Read Instructions Carefully

Do exactly what you are asked to do. Don't assume anything.

Pay Attention to Examples

They are there for a reason and often provide valuable information

Use the Glossary

If one is provided, it is there to help you understand unfamiliar words.

Read Questions First

When possible read the questions before the text to get an idea of what you are looking for.

Keep Word Limits

If you are asked to answer with,
use 3 or LESS words to answer.

Watch Your Spelling

When copying words from the text double check the spelling. Don't lose points for misspelling.

Watch Your Grammar

Some short answers require you to write sentences. Remember that grammar does count.


Waste Time

Many questions ask you to locate or check details in the text. Learn to skim and scan texts effectively.

Return to beginning

For most questions answers will come in the order of the info of the text.


Questions can come before the reading passage as well as after.

Get too Anxious

If you cannot answer questions,
leave them. You can always come back.

Try to understand Every Word

Don't waste time trying to figure out individual words, look at the question as a whole.

Forget the Answer Sheet

If you have been writing answers on the test, you must transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet.

Write more than Needed

Even if you have the correct word in the answer it will be counted wrong if only one word is needed.


Learn to apply these Ielts tips and you will do just fine!

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