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IELTS writing tip to raise your score

The Ielts writing tip designed not only to help you increase your Ielts writing score, but to actually help you become a better writer.

How do we do it?

Easy. We give you the information you need, so you can get the score you deserve. That, in essence, is the motto for this site.

Our efforts to give you a valuable Ielts writing tip are based on our desire to help you succeed. If you succeed, then we succeed. In fact, you could say that our success depends a great deal on your success.

So where's the Ielts writing tip already?

Well, one thing to note is that the Ielts writing is quite different from the Cambridge Proficiency writing. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with the Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) writing section. Instead of two hours to write two compositions as in the CPE, with the IELTS you only have ONE HOUR to write two compositions.

  • So the BIG difference is... time.
  • You must learn to budget your time wisely if you want to succeed in the Ielts writing module. Lack of time is the number one complaint from our students not finishing the writing section of the test.

  • Another BIG difference is the actual tasks.

In this information age you must learn to PROCESS information. In other words, you must be able to restate (or interpret) that which you see, or know, for others to understand. This processing of information is tested in the first task type for the Ielts writing module.

Processing information and restating or rephrasing it for others to understand, is quickly becoming more important in our academic writing needs. Therefore, Ielts (and rightly so) have included this kind of exercise in the Ielts Writing Academic Module.

The good news about this Ielts writing tip is that it can be learned. If it can be learned, it can be improved. If it can be improved, in can be mastered. If it can be mastered - you can pass the Ielts writing test!

The basic problem of not enough time is answered in our new e-book entitled, "Writing Proficiently."

Writing Proficiently is certain to provide all the answers to your "how to" writing questions. Tasks are analyzed and advice is given that will increase your writing scores.

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